Playing the Game of Legacy

The box of “A Game of Legacy” posted to backers around the world in Jan & Feb 2018. Photo by Jacob Middleby.
“People to People” game, played at DiGRA 2011. Sourced from:
Unknown 18th century artist, photographed by Hermetiker. Sourced from
“Hot Hands” game (slapsie). Sourced from:
Photo of the top of “A Game of Legacy” box.



Soren Bok (left), Jacob Middleby (front right), Zac Fitz-Walter (middle right), and Ralf Muhlberger.
Screenshot of “A Game of Legacy” companion site
Photo of tree above us at the cafe, with chimes and birds.
Photo of envelopes of instructions, “A Game of Legacy”
Photo of cards from envelope #1, “A Game of Legacy”
Me holding the marbles from “A Game of Legacy”
Bernie DeKoven, “Playful People,” August 2017. Sourced from:

Game Credits

  • A Game of Legacy made for Bernie DeKoven
  • A game by Bernie DeKoven and Tassos Stevens
  • Illustrations by Hoda Adra
  • Design by Gary Campbell
  • Online design by Gareth Damian Martin & Tassos Stevens
  • Producing by Jyothi Giles
  • Sound design by Kieran Lucas
  • Writing by Tassos Stevens



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Christy Dena

Christy Dena

writer-designer-director story games, F/S, Crafting Intangibles, EXLab. Currently writing a book about “Redesigning Narrative Design” (this is my 2nd account)